TV PERSONALITY and model-turned-actress Urwa Hocane is amongst a new generation of stars who are shining on the big screen and helping bring back the glory days of Pakistani cinema.

The multi-talented beauty continues that impressive recent momentum with a starring role in big Christmas release Rangreza.

She stars alongside Bilal Ashraf and Gohar Rasheed in the musical romance, which features a winning soundtrack. Eastern Eye caught up with Urwa to find out more about her journey, Rangreza, future hopes and more…

How do you look back on your acting journey?

I think I am just starting off on this journey so there’s a lot to look forward to at the moment; I am not looking back. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the work that I have done up until now, I hope to continue to learn and grow with each single project.

Did you expect to find success so quickly?

For me, success is being able to follow your dreams and do what you love doing. I consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate that I was able to do that. God has been very kind to me.

Today, how are you choosing your projects?

When it comes to selecting projects, what matters most is the script. Whatever project I take up, be it film or TV, my primary motivator is the storyline and its characters. Also I am very instinctive when it comes to choosing a project or a script.

What attracted you to Rangreza?

It’s script, of course. I loved my character Reshmi because I haven’t played anything like that before. It’s important to keep experimenting with roles and Rangreza offered me just that. Getting into the skin of a character like Reshmi really did excite me.

Tell us more about Rangreza and the character you play…

In essence, Rangreza is a love story which is a perfect blend of romance, deceit and music. It will keep the audience hooked right from the beginning.

Who are you hoping this film appeals to?

To everyone who believes in love and being loved. And to those who believe in loving unconditionally.

Can you share a memorable behind-the-scenes story from its shoot?

(Laughs) There are so many! What I loved and enjoyed the most were the chats and discussions we had during our lunch breaks, when the entire team would sit down and eat together.

What is the masterplan going forward?

The plan is to keep following my dreams.

Which leading man from anywhere in the world would you love to be romanced by on screen?

It would have to Fawad Khan or Hrithik Roshan.

Will you make a new year’s resolution?

I haven’t given it a thought yet as there’s still some time. So yeah, maybe I will think of something now you have brought it up.

What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

I am a total film buff! I love all kinds of movies.

What are your big passions away from work?

My work doesn’t really feel like work to me because I love my job. So believe me when I tell you that when I am not working, I spend my spare time binge-watching movies and TV shows I have missed!

What inspires you?

Hard-working people inspire me. There are no shortcuts in life, so people who work tirelessly, day and night, are a real source of inspiration. I feel a lot of motivation when I am around such individuals.

Why should we watch Rangreza?

(Smiles) My question to you would be, why shouldn’t you?

Why do you love cinema?

I don’t think I have ever sat down and tried to analyse or decipher why I love cinema. Every person has likes and dislikes or they just feel attracted to certain things and not so much to other things.

I guess I love the fact I am able to tell stories through cinema with different characters. Stories that have a tremendous impact on society! It gives me a lot of satisfaction to be able to connect with a large number of people through my work and to add little moments of joy and happiness in their lives.

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