Japan’s population have little interest in creating integrated casino -kurortov (IR) in the country.

 According to a survey conducted by the Asahi Shimbun, 64% of respondents were in favor of the government to stop the program to create IR. At the same time 20% of respondents in a telephone mode, expressed its support for this initiative.

 It is known that for the second month in the direction of Prime Minister Abe piled numerous charges. The level of approval of his actions in January reached 38%, which corresponds to the figure for December. At this level of disapproval in January was 41%.

 By the way, in Japan, the opposition representative introduced a draft law to abolish the creation of integrated casino.

 Shinzo Abe, rejected the opposition’s calls for an investigation into the cases of corruption in this area, insists that the projects are integrated resort casino are important in attracting tourists, and gives grounds to understand that he intends to deal with this issue.

 The survey results show that there is strong opposition to this idea. Another key finding was that even among respondents supporting Abe, 50% were in favor of freezing the project, and only 36% were in favor of its promotion.

 At the same time 63% of respondents disagreed with the intention of creating the integrated resorts, 27% – on https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/centurion-free-spins-online-slot/ the contrary, expressed approval. Among the supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party, 38% of respondents agree, and 53% – the opposite view. Even among the consonants with the implementation of the project 29% of surveyed said that the project is better to freeze. The survey was conducted in the group number 2166 people. Respondents were selected randomly by a computer program.

 Recall, according to a major US casino operator in the creation of IR Japan will help the real estate for sale.

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