Farah Khan

From the day lockdown has happened and gyms are shut, our Bollywood celebs have been doing the workout at home and keeping themselves busy and fit. Well, a lot of celebs have been posting their workout at home videos on social media, but it looks like Farah Khan is not happy with it.

The choreographer-turned-filmmaker took to Instagram to share a video in which she is requesting celebrities to stop posting their workout videos. Farah has captioned the video as, “BAS KARO yeh workout videos !! 😝 video shot by :- #diva.”


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BAS KARO yeh workout videos !! 😝 video shot by :- #diva

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In the video, Farah is requesting all the celebs to not share their workout videos. She says that she can understand that celebs are privileged and have no other worries in this pandemic except for looking after their figures. But others have concerns during this crisis. She has also stated in the video that if celebs can’t stop sharing their workout videos then she might unfollow them on social media.

Well, there are many funny comments on Farah’s video. Arjun Kapoor commented, “I think u need to workout in the gym downstairs in ur building ASAP !!!!”

Shilpa Shetty wrote, “Ha ha ha trust you to do this @farahkhankunder 😅😂🤣”

Tabu commented on the video,” 😂😂👏👏 Best Farah ..#notguiltyfornotworkingout.”

Well, we wonder if celebs will stop posting their workout videos after Farah’s request on social media. Let’s wait and watch.