The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in India crossed the 1.45 lakh-mark on Tuesday, while the death toll has topped the 4,100-mark as well. At 9:30 AM on this day, the COVID-19 tally in the country has reached 1,45,380 cases, which includes 80,722 active cases; 60,491 cured, discharged, or migrated patients, and 4,167 deaths.

According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as many as 6,535 new COVID-19 cases and 146 deaths were reported in the country in the last 24 hours, marking a significant spike. However, the spike in India’s COVID-19 tally today is still less than yesterday’s, which was the highest boom in the number of cases in a while.

Yesterday, the country witnessed a spike of about 6,977 cases, crowning significant and consecutive highest jumps in the country’s COVID-19 tally for the major part of the last week.

The day before yesterday. i,e. Sunday, marked a spike of 6,767 cases, while Saturday had recorded a jump of 6,654 cases, all of them becoming the highest spikes for their own time.

Yesterday, the COVID-19 tally in India had crossed the 1.38 lakh-mark, while the death toll had already topped the 4,000-mark. However, the recovery rate this morning stands at 41.60%, the Health Ministry informed.

Maharashtra continues to be the epicenter of the coronavirus spread where the number of cases has witnessed an even large spike recently. According to the Health Ministry, Maharashtra has the highest number of cases with 52,667 positive cases of infection and 1,695 deaths.

Notably, Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, has become the hotbed of the coronavirus spread in the state where the number of cases is nearing the 32,000-mark and the death toll has crossed the 1,000-mark as well. At 9:30 AM on this day, the COVID-19 tally in Mumbai showed 31,972 cases and 1,026 deaths. The city reported as many as 1,430 cases on Monday alone.

One of the real challenges in Mumbai is controlling the disease contamination in Asia’s biggest slum — Dharavi, which is an extremely densely-populated region.

Maharashtra is followed by Tamil Nadu with 17,082 cases, which overtook Gujarat due to a recent massive spike in the number of cases. Gujarat is third on the list with 14,468 cases.

After Gujarat comes Delhi, where the COVID-19 figure stands at 14,053 with 6,771 patients recovered and 276 fatalities. Rajasthan has reported 7,376 cases of which 4,056 have recovered and 167 patients are dead.

Madhya Pradesh has reported 6,859 positive cases so far of which 3,571 patients have recovered and 300 patients have lost their lives due to the virus. In Uttar Pradesh, as many as 6,497 people have confirmed COVID-19, of which 3,660 recovered and 169 people succumbed to it.

In Kerala, which reported the country’s first COVID-19 case, 897 people have been detected positive for coronavirus so far.

Over the major part of the last week, the country marked significant and consecutive highest jumps in the COVID-19 tally.

Interestingly, even though the virus tally continues to spike, new guidelines issued by the central government pertaining to Lockdown 4.0 remain enforced. Several restrictions have been lifted, which includes permitting transport services, reopening of shops, and resuming online shopping. According to the central government’s most recent order, all activities, except the ones “specifically prohibited”, will be allowed in green, orange, red, and buffer zones, which continue to be classified by the States/UTs and district authorities.

Domestic flight services resumed in India on Monday, while international flights are to start soon as well, the central government has informed as part of its gradual reboot of air travel services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

It is now increasingly becoming likely that India, although well into the fourth phase of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)-necessitated nationwide lockdown, is quickly becoming one of the biggest COVID-19 hotspots in the world.

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